WOW Cargo Trailer Cochran GA Review

Purchased a trailer from Wow Cargo Trailers . The entire premise was to get a solid trailer that would run propane and a generator. But, I wanted to use the smallest generator possible..

I plugged it into a generator that is 10,000 watt. The salesman assured me that his engineer said I would only need a 6500 watt generator to power the entire trailer. That was a big selling point on this trailer. When I powered everything on the trailer to generator work truck off the circuit breaker meeting it didn’t have enough power. I contacted the salesman again and the only thing he could say is the engineer assured him it would work. Then I sent him a document with calculations of how many amps everything pulled the show him in writing that it was impossible to run this trailer on a 6500 watt generator. Today the shop foreman called me and told me the engineer the one who told me 6500 now says what I will need is a 12,000 W generator. That goes against everything that they said in text messages saying it would run on 6500 watt.

Other issues included a brand new prep station with the main circuit unit that was bad.
Also, an electrical issue that causes you to get shocked when touching the trailer.

To date their answer was we will give you your deposit back 1k, or return the trailer. Returning not really an option we are a 2 day drive and already had graphics put on it. My main issue with the trailer is the generator size. That was the major concern with the entire build, that I wanted the smallest generator possible. IF the Engineer at WOW has no idea how to calculate Amps then he should of said so vice just saying a 6,500 Watt generator would work perfectly.

Website: Wow Cargo Trailers 
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They will advertise online using an assortment of phone numbers but will not specifically say they are from WOW until you contact them.