Slide It Forward

Have you ever heard the old saying “Pay It Forward”? No? Have you ever been in line for something like a coffee from the coffee shop, or a Coke from some fast food joint, and you get up to the window to pay for your items only to find that the super amazing person in front of you in line who is long gone already took care of you? “ Slide It Forward” is our take on paying forward. Same concept. You can Slide It Forward to any person you want and we will display their name on our sandwich board in front of the truck, and also on this page… Your buddy is coming to town and you want to simply pick up their tab? Boom!!! Done!! You want to surprise someone that you know visits our food truck? Boom!!! Done!! You don’t really have anyone in mind to Slide It Forward to? Doesn’t matter. You just feel like you’re in a giving mood and just feel like doing something nice for someone? You still can. We’ll just put “Random Person” on our board and make sure we pick someone who seems like they need a pick me up and take care of them.

Now, WHAT, exactly, are you “Sliding Forward”?

One of our cheeseburger slider meals (consists of two sliders and smashbrowns!!

“In a world like this, you pay it forward, cause more than likely you didn’t deserve it when you got it the first time”

You can do this at the truck in person, or through PayPal if you’re not local and we can’t see you. Just put in the “Person’s Name” when it says “Add A Note“! Or just put “Random Slid
er” and we’ll getcha. Cost is a measly $6. You can’t put a price on feeling good for performing random acts of kindness, right?

If you’d like to make a donation of a custom amount feel free to use the below box: