New Bern NC Food Truck Mari's Hella Fat FoodMari’s Hella Fat Food is MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! Bringing a food truck to the New Bern NC area specializing not only amazing food but bringing a great atmosphere for all to experience is SOOOOOO exciting. I’ve been a resident of New Bern NC for over 20 years and have eaten at probably every establishment in town and every surrounding town. I LOVE food! But more importantly I absolutely love to cook for others.  You can ask anyone!!!

New Bern NC The Start of Mari’s Hella Fat Food…The decision was made to go into business and instead of brick and mortar, we decided the truck route was the way to go.  It seems more personal to me than a storefront.  The hunt began to find the right truck that not only had the equipment and the right engine but just seemed like the deal of the century. Scouring the internet began taking up each and every free second.  We made phone calls.  We made visits. Should we get a brand new trailer?  Should we get a truck?  A trailer won’t break down… a truck can break down….  A lot of places don’t like trailers because they lack easy maneuverability and take up too much space.  It’s ridiculous the rules and laws regarding food trucks-not only in this area, quite a few other states have even more ridiculous laws than we do. I mean you wouldn’t believe it!!

We thought we found our truck!!!!  It was in Bedford, VA and the owners Mike & Cheryl were getting out of the food truck business because of some medical issues.

Next the 300+ mile commute started to go see the food truck in person. Once we arrived there and laid our eyes on the food truck we realized this was the one for us. And not only did the it look amazing but Mike & Cheryl were amazing people and we even had things in common such as (Veterans, Harley owners, and a Mason, anddddd…he had a framed picture of Jerry Rice in a Raiders uniform, although he says he’s a 49ers fan)…So the stars aligned and the deal was made.

There is so much more planning and things required such as permits, menu, lettering, advertising, etc….Those are all things that we are working on daily in order to be ready day one when we open….I swear, I can’t  wait.

Stay tuned!!

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