New Bern Havelock Food Truck Story

This is me and my New Bern Havelock Food Truck story !!!

New Bern Havelock Food Truck story well Do you remember that one meal you had that made you stop dead in your tracks because it was THAT delicious and THAT amazing AND the fact that it didn’t come from some high dollar, you-gotta-get-dressed-up restaurant? Do you? Boy, I do. I’ll never forget it. Well, there are some things I forget. Like the name of the food truck. And what, exactly, was in that sandwich that I enjoyed eating so much. But, I do remember the year. And the location. It was February, 2010. I was visiting the family in the Bay Area during SF Beer Week and hopped on a boat taking me from Alameda to the Marketplace in SF at the Ferry Building. Outside, next to a lady selling the most beautiful flowers was a food truck. It’s the first time I’d ever eaten off a food truck. It was brunch-ish and I ordered this amazing sandwich with the most unbelievable slaw I’ve ever had in my whole life. It was like….a life changing experience. I think it was from that day forward I was like pshhhhh….. forget those high dollar joints. Let’s eat some REAL food. Fast forward a couple of years…family decided to drop in for Thanksgiving. Yay. Family. For Thanksgiving. I was so excited. Can’t you tell? I thought well hell. I guess we can all just go to the Golden Cockroach and eat there. I mean I certainly wasn’t cooking for all those people. I wasn’t happy. First, they’re ruining my 4 day weekend. Second…they’re ruining my 4 day weekend. After being a little brat about it I thought, you know what? I AM going to cook for all these people. And it is going to be hella delicious. It was November….and I was binge watching Food Network for years (this is back when it was good), so I got this!! I cooked and I cooked and I cooked. I kept cooking. Thanksgiving became my favorite holiday and I handled all of the cooking, the baking… you name it. Thanksgiving became Friendsgiving because when I found myself single and still wanting to cook for everyone, I invited single friends, married friends, strangers, everyone. And it just makes me feel good, cooking for my friends. I love it. And I take pride in it. When you make your own pesto out of the basil you grew in your own backyard and hand wash each and every single leaf by itself….that’s pride, my friends. Since falling in love with that S.F. food truck, who’s name I will never recall, it’s been a dream of mine to own my very own food truck. Look Ma!!!! NO hands!!!!! I welcome you to Mari’s Hella Fat Food!!!!!!!! I will continue to have pride in my work and the food I put out. I look forward to meeting you and feeding you!!!!That is my New Bern havelock food truck story!!!