Mari’s Hella Fat FoodFood Truck New Bern

You can probably tell how stoked I am about this food truck new bern . I hope you are, too.

We just spent a week in The Bay Area where the term “hella” was originated. I’ve been using this word since I was just a kid. I remember going to camp when I was 13. I met a cool chick named Amesha Smith, a native of Southern California, who had no idea what I was saying when I dropped “hella”. It was funny trying to explain it. I distinctively recall saying “But, you’re from California!!! How can you not know this word??” Alas, they just don’t use it like we do. While brewery hopping one night, I asked several locals what it meant to them. “A lot” “A ton”. “The most” “Very”. “Extremely”. What a good word.

I started talking about this before we even had a truck. We DO have the truck now. It was clean but not MY clean. I’ve spent hours cleaning it. Babe painted the inside. We have our appliances. We have running water. We have fire!!!! I mean, our logo isn’t even on the damn thing yet!!! Hopefully we will see it in all it’s glory by the end of next week. It’s a work in progress, it’s not been easy work, but it’s been rewarding as hell. Hella rewarding, if you will.

We’ve come up with some awesome ideas like using a different charity or organization every two months and donating proceeds to that charity. My idea is to have them revolving annually but that’s subject to change. We started Slide It Forward which is our spin on paying it forward. We aren’t even up and running at the moment but that idea has taken off and people have actually already started doing that. Some for family. Some for someone they don’t know. They just want to be a part of it. I think it’s amazing. I do have a secret to tell though. While we were in NorCal, we were at Alameda Island Brewing having a couple of flights of beer and noticed all these clips on their bar walls clasping popsicle sticks. Each stick had a name. I asked what’s up with those and they said it’s how their patrons can pay it forward. People will buy someone a beer and their name goes on a popsicle stick and when that person comes in, bam! Their beer was paid for. They have a lot of Coasties there, so it is such a great treat for the guys when they come back to town and belly up to the bar. So, basically I hella swiped that idea. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

When you see our menu, you’ll notice that all of our names are literally 80’s/90’s hip hop tunes. Who doesn’t love starting their day with the Beastie Boys? I mean c’mon!!! I’m sure you’ll hear the music coming from inside the truck if you’re nearby Food Truck New Bern,NC.

Everyone has been awesome and patient. I’ve had a couple of critics telling me I shouldn’t advertise or promote since I’m not ready yet. Wrong. That’s no way to get your name out there. I’ve heard I shouldn’t talk about it since I’m not official or whatever their reasoning is. Let me assure you, guys! I’m a SURE THING!!!! Count on that. Enough with the negativity though. No one needs that.

Speaking of 80’s/90’s hip hop Check out our Slide It Forward sammich board. Ha! Ah, I tell ya. Fun times. Fun times.

Stay tuned for pictures of our “Date Night” table. That is in the works very soon.

Hey, I can’t help but be excited about this journey. I hope you are enjoying it with me and are looking forward to us as we are looking forward to YOU.

Food truck new bern Food truck new bern Food truck new bern